Education for All is a county-wide coalition in San Diego, California, that believes it is the responsibility of the state to allocate taxpayer money in the interests of society as a whole. We see the educational crisis first and foremost as a crisis of the mind and, therefore, a crisis that can only be remedied through the self-development of the individual utilizing the agent of education itself. The fact that education ranks 48th in California’s spending in a budget whose top ranking investment is prison expansion, reflects the clouded vision and overall irrationality of politicians on both sides of the political spectrum. Therefore, we uphold the urgency to re-establish the public educational institution as a central organ of society, with the power to remedy the many ills afflicting our state, and nation, today.

We view the role of education as not only a valuable asset in today’s globalizing economy, but also as a service to every community, equally and without discrimination to ethnicity or class, with the transformative power to enlighten through the combination of knowledge and activism, capable of transcending cultural practices that divide by ignorance and self-interest. Education for All, therefore, upholds the urgent need to reinvest and expand, above all other things, the public education system that, with sufficient, dedicated, and well-paid faculty, will ensure a safe and sustainable future for our communities.

Young people must assume the responsibility of democratic citizenship. That is, students must not degrade themselves to mere consumers of specialized intellectual products, but instead must become the agent of change themselves, capable of not only defending the art of learning as the basis for the art of living, but also qualified to teach the next generation how to live sustainably in the interest of the planet as a whole. Under this pretext, education becomes before anything else a mindful experience that leads to the development of well-rounded character, by which one holds the ability to think critically and participate effectively as a citizen in a democratic society.

Today, we demand that the economic ends of education remain subordinate to the civic ends of society, where students, workers, and the community at large find place for cross-cultural collaboration and sustainable development from the bottom-up. If we the people do not strengthen our civic institutions, then we ask who will? It is the responsibility of each citizen to support community capacity as well as nourish the innate potential of our youth in the name of inter-generational justice, as they will unquestionably inherit the pervasive consequences of unconscious acts taking place at all levels of society today.

The Citizen-model educational institution has always been the historical symbol of social justice in the United States, as well as around the world, and represents our potential as global citizens to grow, embrace, and evolve our democratic ideals. It is at the heart of society and thus without it we cease to be. Subsequently, before one can embody true individualism, one must first know true community.

We have mobilized throughout our history to access our right to civil liberties, now we must utilize our civil rights to defend the human right to learn, the right to earn a decent wage, and the right to develop sustainably, with dignity, in the name of our children.


The mission of Education for All is to educate in the name of education, mobilize in the name of freedom, and transform in the name of the highest ideal. Through our diverse experiences of struggle and exploitation, we come together as one, in a collective vision of community that defends all at the expense of none.

Demands that will be voiced for San Diego’s Day of Action on March 4th include:

  • A halt to layoffs and pay cuts and restoration of full funding to education with a guarantee of free access to all citizens and non-citizens, k-12 up to graduate level.
  • Stop the privatization of education and increase public participation in decision-making processes through the democratic election of teachers, parents, and students to run institutions in the interests of society as a whole.
  • Progressive taxation on corporations and the wealthy to fully fund social services that sustain community, including the right to health care and living wages for California’s workers.
  • Tax payer money for education, not for prisons, wars, and corporate bailouts.

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  1. […] A: Fred Lonidier (UCSD) – We have to face whatever comes down when the California and U.C. budgets are final.  All across the system are coalitions of faculty, students and unions which will continue to educate and protest the privatization of our university.  There is a very active coalition of students, faculty and unions at UCSD.  This year we really need to reach student parents and the voting public.  Right now, plans are under way for the national October 7 Day of Action.  In San Diego, a broad coalition is having a Planning Summit for the 7th at SDSU on 9/11.  There is a state wide meetings afterward at SFSU and the November elections.  But the goal has to be to eventually modify Proposition 13 as that is what kills us every time a state budget crises happens.  We have to go for the long run. Check out: […]

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