Knowledge is Power

Preparing Future Generations: Climate Change, Sustainability, and Moral Obligations by Dane Scott, PhD– An excellent overview of current trends in the public education system and how they relate to civil society’s capacity to adequately confront the consequences of human unsustainability, including Climate Change.

The 1960 Master Plan:The original mission for establishing free higher education in California. California’s tripartite system has its origins in the turn of the century reform movement by social democratic progressives.

UCSD Faculty Coalition Statement: Education as a public good.  An excellent statement from the powerful UCSD faculty coalition.

The California Budget Process – This document is provided by the California Senate Rules Committee and explains the California budget process.

The Attacks on Public Education – Released by Association of Raza Educators (A.R.E.).  “The Attacks on Public Education,” the collection of articles address the current attacks on public education.  Dr. Thomas Philip (UCLA) charts the ways in which conservative ideologies shape critical educators’ framing of the problems of education
today. Teachers Nikhil Laud and Anthony Martin address the call for educators to respond to the current attacks on education through decolonizing pedagogy and community-activism, respectively.  The action-research report by A.R.E. Los Angeles teachers brings together various research strands in helping teachers make sense of local and federal privatizing policies.

Reforming Two-Thirds – A letter from UC Berkeley Professor, George Lakoff PhD, regarding his proposed legislation to reform California’s unique Two-Third super majority vote requirement.  While this is considered a necessary step towards addressing the structural problems of our government in California, we also recognize that transforming from a 2/3 super majority vote requirement to a general majority requirement (50%+1) will not on its own solve the budget crisis. Democrats and Republicans alike have proven to align themselves with big business over working class people.  It is essential that these politicians be held accountable by their constituents.


One Response to “Knowledge Center”

  1. norcalian Says:

    Awesome, thanks for the resources!

    In Solidarity,
    Joshua Shepherd
    President, Associated Students of Cuesta College
    San Luis Obispo, CA

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