The  educational justice movement needs your support!

The communities of San Diego, like others around the state,  are facing critical challenges to their future, and with more cuts to education and other social services predicted over the next few years, it is crucial that, together, we act now!  There is much work to be done, from outreach to research, from graphic design to organizational development.  Please check back often as this page is updated regularly.

MEETINGS:  Every Wednesday at San Diego City College @ 11:00am in the Campus Cafeteria.


* Media Outreach – There is work to be done to reach out to the media.  Aside from the mainstream sources we also need to communicate our movement to the large independent media sector.  You could assist by developing contact lists, writing press releases, or getting us time on the air.  NOTE – We are honoring a boycott on 10 News and Azteca 15 because of their unfair labor practices.  See

* Flyer Design/Distribution – We often need new flyers to outreach to specific audiences.  Anyone with creative or artistic skills is encouraged to contribute.  Check our resource section for examples of whats been created so far.  We also need flyers posted throughout the campus and classrooms.  You can also help by simply printing out flyers from the resource page and posting them in your own classroom.

* Musicians – We need music!  Music is one of the most powerful tools in the world today.  We need bands for events, we need musicians for our marches and protests.  If you’ve got skills or know someone who would be willing to participate please please make it happen!

* Art Design – One effective way to express our messages and demands is through art.  Art is especially effective at protests, rallies, and marches.  If you have some creative ideas and are able to contribute please don’t hesitate.  From signs to costumes to props, the media LOVES showing art and it helps get our message out!

* Internet Outreach – We need to post the movement information on the internet.  A wikipedia entry, postings on Activist San Diego, facebook, myspace, putting the flyer out on LISTSERVs, etc…

* Campus Outreach – Our coalition is comprised of members from numerous educational institutions in San Diego.   However, there are a number of campuses that we still need to outreach to.  Some may already be organizing while others may not have an active mobilization plan in motion.  Ways to contribute include:

  • Provide contact information for students, faculty, and/or campus organizations.
  • Visiting Campuses to post flyers, canvass classrooms, or talk with students.
  • Visiting campus organization meetings, for example visiting the UCSD Coalition For Educational Justice meetings to provide a report back, or the SDSU Revolution 102 meetings for a report back, etc..
  • Help create organizations headquartered in campuses that don’t have an active organization working in the education movement.

* Community Organization Outreach – We have established contacts with numerous community organizations.  The educational crisis is linked to the illegal war, increasing incarceration rates, escalating poverty, environmental degradation, etc…Therefore we are outreaching to Anti-War Groups, Community Activist Groups, Anti-Prison Groups, etc…Ways to contribute include:

  • Provide contact information for organization members and leaders, or meeting details.
  • Visiting meetings to inform them about the movement and express and request solidarity and collaboration.
  • Work directly with community organizations to develop mobilization plans in collaboration with the statewide movement.

* K-12 Outreach – No one will suffer more by the devastating cuts to education than our children and the future generations.  Therefore, it is imperative that we reach out to the teachers and parents in the K-12 system, as the budget cuts have a even more profound impact on those institutions.   Ways to contribute include:

  • Provide contact information for K-12  teachers, parents, or organizations.
  • Visiting meetings to inform them about the movement and express and request solidarity and collaboration.
  • Work directly with K-12 institutions to develop mobilization plans for March 4th in collaboration with the statewide movement.

* Workers Union Outreach – In the higher education system 80% of students are workers in some form or another.  The economic crisis that has impacted the education system is a direct attack on civil society and the working class in particular.  Its essential that we develop communication links and demonstrate our solidarity with their struggles as well.  Bottom line; workers unions must mobilize as well!

* TAG Program – The Transfer Admission Guarantee program which offered community college students a conduit into the SDSU campus has been impact dramatically.  If you would like to work on restoring this program we have an excellent opportunity.  SDSU has an organization called FUeL working diligently to address this problem.   If you would like to assist on this particular issue please inquire.  You can assist by developing a FACT sheet that can be offered to community college students to inform them of the changes, or you can investigate the malicious and possibly illegal manner by which the program was changed in order to restore it.


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